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Investment Criteria

The Reserve Group actively targets companies in the middle market with revenues of $25 million to $500 million in the manufacturing and, distribution industries.  These targets could represent either a platform or an add-on acquisition. The Reserve Group looks for both well-performing and turnaround opportunities and strongly prefers control positions.

The Reserve Group has managed a multitude of companies that include steel metals, plastics, and general fabrication.  The current group of managed companies highlights the type of manufacturing businesses that we pursue.  These companies participate in the automotive, construction, agricultural, heavy duty truck, oil and gas, energy, medical, pharmaceutical, beverage, defense, capital goods, and consumer end markets.  Further, our companies tend to serve multinational customers that are either original equipment manufacturers or tier I or tier II suppliers. 

Other desirable target company attributes, include:

  • Significant revenue from proprietary products;
  • Significant relationships with key customers and vendors;
  • Profitable, stable, and growing revenues;
  • Ability to leverage existing capabilities; and
  • North American and international presence to meet customer and/or cost requirements.

The Reserve Group’s flexible management and acquisition model, along with it's access to capital, enables us to respond timely to any situation.  Our Group has the ability to assess opportunities, complete due diligence, and close transactions on an expedited time frame.           

The Reserve Group looks to establish long-term positions with prospective companies, while aligning managerial interest with those of ownership. 

The Reserve Group believes in RELATIONSHIPS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS.